Yeah. Batch 1
Our first ever use of Bourbon casks , it’s a big deal for us.
Vatting ex Bourbon cask ( Heavy char Jack Daniels ) and ex Barossa Shiraz casks seasoned with Oloroso Spanish Sherry.
At a very approachable 50% ABV.
Mash bill recipe I AM… combination of base and roasted malts with deep spirit cuts off the still creates our signature oily, nutty , toffee choc notes.
Aromatic yup.
Enjoy YEAH!
Very limited release and now available for a short period of time, so we suggest buying 2! One to keep and one to drink.
Yeah is called yeah because all of the tasting panel went “YEAH !” or even said ” YEAH YEAH”.
200 L & 100 L heavy char casks.
Non age statement but 4 year +.
Minimal filtration to allow the whisky oils through to provide that beautiful mouth feel.
Batch 1 and part of the Craft Works Wombat series , a series to showcase limited one offs and start off as trials.

Other Available Releases