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When I started my whisky journey, I soon realised that I had developed an insatiable appetite to learn, to explore and just to dream all things single malt whisky. As I defined myself further as a craft worker, I developed a mantra that really sums it up for me:

“I am a Craft Worker therefore I am …”

Simply it means, what I do is a craft, its physical sensory work and it gives me happiness. It fits beautifully with my personal philosophy of, in life you need to have a passion and a purpose to be happy.

Craft Works single malt whisky drinkers are people who are interested in the story of a craft artisan spirit, people who appreciate the art, the craft and the exploration of what you can create as a small producer.

I am proud of the spirit I produce, I am proud of the connections I have made and I am proud that I have become affectionately known as Crafty.

– – Crafty

Visit Our Cellar Door

As we are a very small craft distillery , our cellar opening times can be irregular. As we continue to grow it’s our intention to have regular cellar door times.

In the meantime, If you are interested in visiting best to call us or send a text to 0418 960 495 so we can advise.