Distilled in NSW and matured most of its long life in Capertee NSW.

Why Rebel? It was one of the most challenging whiskies to date and at one stage decided to recask it as it was such a slow burn to mature however we applied some wine making barrel techniques and whoa what a stunner it has become, such a rebel.

Release 2 in our The Ages Series of Indi Bottlings. Ex WA Red Wine American Oak, second filled as a Rum Cask. Very special cask as it was acquired from, Raymond ‘Spike’ Dessert III, founder of Hoochery Distillery in Kununurra WA. Spike was one of the original, modern day Aussie Craft Distillers. A true Rebel. I have a very personal connection this cask.

ABV: 54.3%
Casked: Nov 2016
Decanted: Jan 2023

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