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New Make Spirt from a NSW Distillery, aged for 5yrs in Capertee NSW. The final release within The Ages Series, and our final Indie Bottling. The end of an era which brings a lot of emotions to the fore.

Why 5Y5?

The imagery portrays a moment on the journey, but the journey continues. 5Y5? Because it’s 5yo, thats why. It is also a tribute in some small way, to the life of Maxi Jazz, musician, rapper and member of the band Faithless, as music is very important to me in both my home and distilling life. Many times, the rapping rhythm of Maxi Jazz pounded the walls of my Shed as I milled, brewed and distilled.

American Oak Port Cask
Casked May 2017
Bottled Jan 2023

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